Car key that can usually be kept in pocket or purse and will start the car with the push of a button on the dashboard of the car.
Some smart keys have sensors that make it impossible to engage the door locks if the smart key is in the vehicle when the car is turned off.

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There is a delicate copper coil inside that transmits the transponder information and the remote information when this key is within a certain proximity of the vehicle. Relies on a battery with adequate voltage to perform. Always contains an Emergency Key which slides out and can be used to enter vehicle when battery in smart key gets too low to function. There is always a place in the vehicle where the key can be placed in order to start the car when the battery in the smart key is dead – it may be a special slot or it may be up against the start button on the dash
A car with a smart key system or keyless entry system uses an encoded infrared beam that communicates with the car’s computer. The owner of the vehicle will usually be able to touch a button to unlock the car. The car’s immobilizer will be deactivated and the ignition started with the push of a button (if the smart key or remote key fob is within the car).


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