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As technology becomes more advanced, so does the computer in your car. And, just like your home computer, the computer in your car can have problems. When your car’s computer isn’t working properly, there’s a good chance that systems controlled by that computer will not work. To fix the issue, you will need an experienced professional who knows about car computer reprogramming. Haji’s Locksmith can reprogram your car’s computer to make it fully operational once again and save you money in the long-run by increasing your car’s efficiency.

Car computer reprogramming, which is also known as flashing, is a process which erases the old engine control modules or ECMs at which time the most recent software from the manufacturer is installed. To do this, we use a special device called a scanner which we connect to the diagnostic port of your vehicle. The port can usually be found in your car under the steering wheel. Once the connection has been established the old programs are erased and replaced with the new programs. Carrying out the car computer reprogramming process ensures your vehicle runs more efficiently. This saves you money over time which is why it is a good idea to invest in an expert you can trust. You can find a trusted expert when you contact Haji’s Locksmith.



What is a ECU Reflash? Give us a call at 612-213-5555 and let us answer all your questions and concerns! Reflash an ECU that has no working master keys for less than a replacement would cost.


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